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“The Like-Minded Valuable Friends Group”


Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over? ( Surat Baqara, Verse 245)

It should be noted that Allah, who is in need of no one and nothing, instills upon his men to give Qarz-e-Hasana because it is in man’s nature to be frugal whilst spending his wealth. Allah speaks about Qarz because it is returned and Allah promises that He will return the goodly loan by 70 folds. Allah conveys his message to the Muslim ummah through the Holy Prophet Muhammad prompting Muslims to spend their wealth in a certain way. He says, Oh children of Adam! Trust me with your wealth. If you do so, no fire, flood or thieves will be able to rob you off your money. Instead, you will be endowed with your wealth when you most need it. He further says that the poor and weak will not remain hungry and naked except due to the negligence of the rich, who should not be stingy in spending their money on those worse off than themselves. Allah will not only take strict accountability from those people but He will also punish them accordingly. On the Day Of Judgment, the rich will be humiliated because they did not help the needy. The needy will complain to Allah and say that all those men on whom you graciously bestowed the rights of wealth showed negligence in its proper use; they were busy spending on themselves and forgot about us, the ones who needed it. Allah will reply to this and say:

“I swear on my respect and glory! I will bring you closer to me and push them further away.”

Alhamdulillah, Allah has accorded #Ahsaseinsaniat Welfare Service with the highest favor by sending the Allah Ummaah loving people our platform who follow the teachings of the Holy Quran and Hadith, give Zakat, Fidyah, Fitrah, Khairat and other donations, so that it reaches to the deserving people of Interior Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab and KPK. The purpose of sending this message to you is so that you not only spread this message to others but also play your vital role in helping us to continue serving and helping the needy till the Day of Judgment.

Nisar Ashrafi (Chairman)

Ahsas-e-insaniat Foundation Pakistan.

“The Like-Minded Valuable Friends Group”

Distribution Of Qurbani Meat 2023 Project

Alhamdulillah, the Qurbani of 170 cows and distribution of meat is now completed. We distributed in all 4 provinces.


Khyber Paktun khwa









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Education Imdad

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Education Imdad

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AWS Free Helmet Distribution Balochistan

Ahsas-e-insaniat Welfare Services distributed free helmets in Balochistan, in a bid to spread awareness about wearing it and educate riders regarding the importance of helmets.

Ahsas-e-insaniat Apna Ghar

Ahsas-e-insaniat Apna Ghar to support the poor and labour class of the society, which remained shelter-less in urban areas while earning bread for their families mostly living in the rural parts of the country.

Ahsas-e-insaniat Langar Distribution

Ahsas-e-insaniat Welfare Services distributed free food to serve poorest ,needy and daily wage laborers. AWS plans to move from streets to streets, to deliver fresh food to both needy.


 AWS Provide You Education System For Your Future We Are Working In Different Poor Areas For Continue This System…

AWS offering women skill training in entrepreneurship development for empowerment women and life skills, access to seed money as to a startup capital and mentoring.   

AWS providing drill water well in remote scare areas and supplying water to villages.

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