Women Skill Development Center

Through this project women from the poor families will be trained, skilled & provided with ENTREPRENEUR skills in order to secure their future. Income generation at their family level & empowerment of poor young and adult women.

Computer Courses

AWS will be starting computer educational for poor students will be benefited.The computer center will be a platform to such students so that they can have a knowledge of updates computer education that will enable them to interact with IT market, know its functions and different uses. For this purpose, the project includes a center, equipment, teachers, an appropriate learning environment and continuous testing for students.

AWS also aims to help remediate the issue of career and job opportunities, a more civilized society, global interaction for student in world.

AWS supports students in the  receive some or all of their formal education in a Madrasah.

AWS is working hard
with Madaris on the basis of its expertise in the education sector.

Water Well

AWS source of water in rural areas of Pakistan .Digging is done through various techniques including drilling, blasting etc. Cemented rings are put in open wells for long life and sustainability. Water motors and hand pulleys are used for pulling the water up, down from the wells.